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Reinstall Windows 10 as VirtualBox Guest

My quest is just.


Bought an Inspiron 15 Series 3000 to run Ubuntu Linux. It’s a dream. Thank you Dell for making machines that actually run Linux.


I wiped the disk entirely, including all Windows partitions, with the objective of installing Windows 10 as a virtual machine. I got the KeyIncloud download, created a USB recovery disk, and am trying to recover the Windows install into a virtual machine. Unfortunately the Dell recovery stops, seemingly half way through, with the last message to Virtual Box’s log is “IPv6 not supported.”


Any way to recover or re-install a Windows 10 into a virtual machine?


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Re: Reinstall Windows 10 as VirtualBox Guest

Yes, there is a way but maybe not the most legal one.

What Dell provides is pretty crappy. So download the respective Windows 10 ISO image from somewhere else, extract the license key from ACPI table MSDM [sudo xxd /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM], and install with both.

Dell prevents dual boot by providing the M.2 NVMe SSD in iRST RAID mode instead of AHCI in the end. So legal should be to use this hack to enable dual boot by installing Windows with the AHCI variant to physical system.

But for a VM, usually the retail version of Windows is required for a legal copy.

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