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Restore factory image using recovery media

I have an Inspiron laptop & decided to wipe it clean.  After a lot of messing around following all the different instructions on the Dell site that didn't work, I managed to reinstall Windows 10 to the Factory image using recovery media.

Anyway the laptop was working but we turned it off overnight & now it won't boot up.  It stays on the Dell logo, it tried to do a repair itself but wouldn't work.

Any ideas please, this is driving me mad after spending hours on it already.


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RE: Restore factory image using recovery media

Many folks here probably already know of what instructions on the Dell site you followed.  But could you give a link to the Dell site which contained those instructions so I can check how you did the Factory recovery?

There are some circumstances where a system will remain with a black screen while it is installing something.  Make sure and give it time to finish.

Knowing the exact model number of your system might help others..


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RE: Restore factory image using recovery media

I saw a video from the dell youtube channel about laptop that was stuck on logo cant seem to find url but it says flea power can also cause your laptop to get stuck on the dell logo and not boot.

To clear the flear you are supposed to remove the battery and power cord and then press the powr button for about 10 seconds then put everything back again and try booting.

Dont know if you have tried that

Just search for flea power and read about it

Just another tech guy.

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