Should I upgrade or just buy an new computer?

I have a computer that I have had for who knows how long, about 8 years now. I noticed today while my mom was using it (since its hers now) that google chrome will no longer update because the operating system is basically ancient. Its Windows Vista. I was wondering if it would be worth buying windows 10 and upgrading it. I know it will be about $120 just to by the actual windows 10 program but if I upgrade this I know I will probably have to upgrade other stuff like the Intel Core processor which I think is i3. I don't have the exact specs right now but I can post them later so what do you guys think?

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RE: Should I upgrade or just buy an new computer?


Thank you for writing to us!

In the case where the system is about 8 years we would suggest you can pick up a new system will have the latest tech specs and the operating system.



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RE: Should I upgrade or just buy an new computer?

Just going from your post, here are some thoughts that I hope are helpful.

There are some pretty inexpensive PCs available now, with Windows 10 and current hardware. Some as low as around $200 for a basic CPU unit with mouse/keyboard. A new monitor/display would probably add to that cost a bit (Her current monitor, depending on what type it is/how old/etc, might not work with or be the best choice to try to use with a new computer.)

Depending on what your Mom uses the computer for, a low-end new PC might be a reasonable choice, rather than trying to upgrade her current one. If she only uses PC for browsing, email, basic stuff, then one of those really basic new units would work fine. If she listens to music, streams video, plays games, then probably want to start considering a more powerful/expensive solution based on needs.

Upgrade to Windows 10 might not even be possible for her old PC--there are ways to find out, but you'll have to decide where you want to spend your time. Upgrading the hardware in her current computer so you can use Windows 10 is definitely not a good, cost-effective idea.

Chrome not updating could become a security issue. I assume she has current security (anti-virus, firewall, etc) running.

Online, big-box, membership warehouse stores are all good places to look and see what's available for a new PC.

I hope that helps.

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