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SupportAssist Optimization Module

 I recently installed SupportAssist on a computer (Inspiron 620 w/ Win 10 vers 1709) that didn't have it. I think it installed properly. The Hardware Checkup, Drivers and Downloads, and System Info modules seems to work just fine, but the Optimize My System module is greyed out on the Home page. I can't find any way to turn it on. Is there any way to get it working? I use the Optimization module on my other computer and I'd like to have it on this computer too. Thanks.
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Support Assist is not for all operating systems or all models. On the 620 model, it is for windows XP to Win 8.1. Uninstall it. Expand all the info on this page-- 


There are no Dell updates for windows 10 on your model. Windows 10 runs fine on the 620 so skip the Dell drivers.

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I had a program installed called reg organizer once I uninstalled it and rebooted optimize my system was no longer greyed out and I was able to run it

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You can try this. Open Support Assist and click on settings nears the top right. Click on Checkup, Do you have a check at: Enable Scheduled Scan?  

From Dell: 

Enabling automatic optimization


Ensure that your system has an active ProSupport Plus or Premium Support Plus service entitlement.


  1. Open SupportAssist and click the Optimize My System tile.
  2. On the Optimize My System home page footer, click the Enable link.
  3. Select I want SupportAssist to automate system scans and optimizations and click EnableThe auto-optimization capability is enabled and the Optimize My System home page is displayed.
 You could also try uninstalling this program and reinstalling to see if this helps.  

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