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Swollen battery on XPS 15 9530

Dell is refusing to replace my XPS 15 9530 battery that is swelling and starting to damage the Touch Pad and others components of the computer. No warranty = No replacement, they said.

Buying laptops since 1990, this is the first time ever that I am confronted to a such occurrence of a swelling battery. Pictures will follow.

Had to buy a new battery at Battery Depot, with a total bill of $100. Waiting for it.

Will complain to CSA (Canadian Standard Association) as this is a dangerous situation where explosion or fire could occurs, plus all the damage to this expensive computer.

Please do the same as me (even in US) and <Legalistic statement removed>.

Seems that the XPS 15 9550 or 9560 has the same problem.








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Re: Swollen battery on XPS 15 9530

My HP ENVY 17-3090NR 3D actually split in 2.

2.5K USD for a notebook that didn't last till the end of the installed OS (W7). No compensation, out of warranty.

I'm in Canada and the Shipping/Tax/Duty was stupid.

This is the problem with 'Thin' notebooks, the lipo pouches swell, pop, catch fire.

A 18650 can will vent, possibly catch fire if NO THERMAL RUNAWAY occurs. There is a rubber vent cap under the + terminal.

The 18650 can and LiPo pouch are the same thing internally, just the outer case changes.

Its when air, with moisture, contacts the lithium in the battery, it heats separating the hydrogen from the oxygen, resulting in an explosion or fire.

Phones are susceptible to this as well.

I'm lucky this didn't burn my house or car to the ground.

This is why I purchased an MSI GT75 TITAN ... It has 18650 cans in the battery pack.

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