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Unable to restore data with Dell Backup & Restore

Hi all,

my Latitude E6540 refused to boot this morning and all automatic repair options failed. No sweat I thought and installed a Windows System Image created about a month ago. Now I proceeded to restore the missing data using DBR - I'm doing automatic daily backups - only to find out that this software apparently requires a system backup to work. The problem is that after the last update, DBR refused to accept my Toshiba usb hard drive for system backups, stating that this media device could not be used for system backups - that's why I created a Windows System Image. Nowhere does it state that DBR does not backup data at all if a different software is used for system backups. It seems to me that this is a pretty sh.... piece of software (I bought the premium version). I have learned it the hard way. From now on I will not rely anymore on Dell software for backups. Just thought I'd let everybody know.

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