Upgrading Dell equipment to WIN 10

I have 2 HP and one Lenovo computers, plus a Dell SP2309W monitor. The HP and Lenovo computers all upgraded to WIN 10 and then the Anniversary Edition without problems, including the webcams on two of them. The only trouble I have had is with the Dell monitor, connected to my HP desktop, where the built in webcam crashes WIN 10 to the BSOD after installing WIN 10 anniversary edition. Dell just says blandly that they don't support WIN 10 with this monitor and that's that. I cannot help noticing the problems all posters to this forum have had with upgrading Dell computers to WIN 10, and the routine response from Dell that "they don't support WIN 10", even for fairly recent computers. I have to say this seems a very poor response from Dell, particularly when it is clear that other computer makers have worked with Microsoft to get appropriate new drivers in place to support their equipment. I'm very disappointed with Dell and will not consider them for any future computer purchase.

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RE: Upgrading Dell equipment to WIN 10

Its not the computer manufactures problem but the chipset manufactures problem.  If the audio manufacture didn't make drivers for Dell for a 3 or 4+ year old component, there is nothing Dell can really do about it.  Microsoft tries to make generic drivers but sometimes they do not have full functionality or they don't work at all.  Plus by the looks of it, the monitor is 7+ year old model.  

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