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Upgrading Latitude 3470 to Windows 10

I purchase Latitude 3470 and it comes with Win 7 pre-installed. Inside the box there is also a Win 7 and Win 10 CD. I tried installing Windows 10 from the CD (which I copy the files into a USB drive) but failed.

I called Dell technical support and the first agent guided me to do it the command prompt method by doing diskpart > clean > convert BPT and then perform a clean full disk method, I had to hang up cause the full clean method took a while to complete and when the clean process is complete I still have not have Win 10 installed on the machine and this time I can't even get into Win 7

Then I call Dell support center again and this time another agent guided me the other method. He asked me to download the Win 10 files from dell website (approx 6gb+) and then format a 8gb USB into fat32 and extract the iso file I downloaded into the usb. Then I just boot select USB and then it will be a guided wizard win 10 setup the usual way I am familiar with. Again I had to hang up cause the download took me a while. I follow every steps carefully and still I couldn't get the laptop to even load the Win 10 setup page.

Do note that I did enable UEFI in bios and both the agent had double check my UEFI / Bios setting. I need to get the 2 same model laptop setup over the weekend and few attempt in calling the support center failed with a voice operator saying the support center is close on weekend. So any help is much appreciated.


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RE: Upgrading Latitude 3470 to Windows 10


Click the link below to view the Windows 10 tutorial to install using a usb key.

How to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10

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