Vostro 3450, CPU not supported error (NX)

Hi Dell community,

I am agsin in a fix. I just got get windows 10 app and to my sorrow it says that cpu is not supported. There is nothing more un the report. I sm running Vostro 3450 with i3 2310m@2.1 ghz and windows 7 pro sp1. My cpu supports sse2,nx,pae as in http://ark.intel.com/m/products/52220/Intel-Core-i3-2310M-Processor-3M-Cache-2_10-GHz#@product/speci....

I correctly remember that when I installed Windows 10preview using bootable usb i was able to but later when i ran setup.exe file of Windows 10 setup(not from usb) from windows 7 it started and said my CPU does not support nx. I have a13 bios and i do not seem to find any option for nx so please help me.