Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Vostro 360 upgraded to Windows 10 (via ISO).

Built-in panel video is corrupted (vertical stripe down center that suggests panel failure).
External monitor works fine.

However, built-in panel works during boot for both BIOS and Windows 10 logo screen, and also works in Safe Mode. Additionally, the panel works fine after it comes out of sleep mode.

Any time the video mode changes (e.g. by a resolution change, plugging in an external monitor, or starting the computer) the built-in panel will be garbled. Causing the system to sleep and unsleep (even immediately after startup) will correct the built-in panel video corruption.

Driver installed by Windows 10 is:
Intel(R) HD Graphics
Driver Date: 5/27/2015
Driver Version:

I update a Vostro 360 Windows 7 system with the latest Intel HD Graphics driver, I will get the same behaviour, so it's almost certainly a driver issue.

What confuses me is that no-one has mentioned a similar problem, and many have mentioned successful upgrades to Windows 10. Am I just unlucky with my systems, or is there some software variable that could mask (or create) the problem?

On Windows 7, I can revert to an older driver to make the problem go away.
This is difficult on Windows 10, as it continually upgrades to the latest driver.

Closest similar issue is an unresolved red/green/blue colour cycling problem.

This Spanish site mentions an issue with  Fast Access, but this works fine on my system. Their video driver problem is fixed by simply waiting. ("Al terminar la actualización no configura correctamente la pantalla, pero darle tiempo al windows y el solo actualiza el driver y se ve correctamente.")

Has anyone had video issues when upgrading a Vostro 360 to Windows 10?
And any solutions?

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RE: Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver


Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade

Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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RE: Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Only some Vostro 360 systems exhibit the problem. For affected systems, the problem also occurs with the latest Intel HD driver (Driver Version: on Windows 7, so thank you Jesse for the non sequitur.

On upgrading half a dozen Vostro 360 systems, only one exhibited the flaw.

For affected systems, if can be resolved by changing the Built-in monitor refresh rate to 50Hz, most easily with an external monitor.

Problem on Windows 7


50Hz fix (or disable driver updates)



RE: Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Well Done!

Thank You for your persistence and finding a remedy.

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