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Win 10 May 2020 Upgrade

I have been delaying installation of Win 10 version upgrades a bit til MS works out the bugs, and currently have Version 1909 (build 18363.1082 according to the winver command, and confirmed by Belarc Advisor). I can't seem to get the May 2020 upgrade(Version 2004) using any method found using Google.

Settings>Update and Security>Windows Update says I am up to date with V. 1909. I know Microsoft does tend to throttle its release of updates, but surely after 5 months this one is long overdue.

Using Win 10 Pro on a Dell XPS 13 laptop, which is otherwise working well.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Re: Win 10 May 2020 Upgrade

I've just updated this morning to the latest windows 10 20H2. Never received an auto update of the May version.
I didn't install the May update, too many issues reported with it.
I went to windows 10 web page and downloaded Microsoft Update Assistant.

The whole process took just over 2 hours on my Inspiron 3470 Desktop. 

On rebooting I had one error concernng Intel Optimal Memory Pinning.
Searched Dell and found the solution to this. Very easy to follow instructions.

I checked Dell to make sure my model was compatible with the update first though.

I always use the Update Assistant to install feature updated.

Just make sure to backup all your data first, although so far I've never had a problem.

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