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Windows 10 1903 update stalls - Realtek

My update is stalling at 25%.  The error message says that I need to update my Realtek Bluetooth drivers and refers me to a Microsoft page.  I followed the instructions, downloading the CAB files, extracting them, etc.  

Then I go to the Device Manager, click on Bluetooth and there are no Realtek drivers there to update.  There is one driver, Dell Wireless 1801 Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Is there a way around this?  This is on an Inspiron 3252


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Re: Windows 10 1903 update stalls - Realtek

Can you find a on your system?

The message does actually say Bluetooth drivers?

I can't find an Inspiron 3252 so I can't check drivers, but what Wi-Fi adapter do you show?

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