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Windows 10 Fresh Install

Here is a brief breakdown of what has happened.  I was preparing to create a company image of Windows 10 for KACE.  I booted to KACE used diskpart, removed all partitions and created a primary partition and formatted it.  Put in W10 Dell recovery media, plan to install Windows and create a fresh image. 

1. Dell Recovery media has no install option

2. It only has reset, restore from image, etc... none of which I can use as I removed all the original formatting on the disk.

3. So I can't do a reset as it notes partitions are missing.

So where do I go from here?  Any W10 media dell could send that allows us to install W10 fresh?  I am not really sure where to go from here and what is a person to do with a HD failure and get a clean HD... it would be impossible to reinstall Windows... very odd for the recovery media to be so gimped.

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RE: Windows 10 Fresh Install

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