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Windows 10 Upgrade and Dell Backup and Recovery

After installing the Windows 10 upgrade on all my Dell Windows 8.1 PCs Dell Backup and Recovery wanted updating and so I performed that update. After that Backup and Recovery prompted me to make new recovery drives. I've completed that process on two of the PCs and I have questions.

Are these new backups for restoring Windows 10 or are they going to take me back to Windows 8.1?
If 8.1 how do I get back to Windows 10 if something happens after the free period expires?

What does "Check Recovery Media" do (I clicked it at waited for 15 minutes and nothing ever seemed to happen)?

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RE: Windows 10 Upgrade and Dell Backup and Recovery


Thank you for writing to us!

This will be a back up of the current operating system installed on the system .The link below will give you all the information



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