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Windows 10 recovery is not starting, Vostro 5568


I am having troubles with recovery of my Windows 10.

It started when I was working on my laptop, and it showed me a sad face 😞 Saying that Windows was corrupted.

I restarted the computer, and after that I was not able to run Windows any more. It is saying "No bootable devices found" or something similar.

So first when I restarted windows it ran a prescan and said that hardware is ok including HDD.

I restarted it 3 times to see Windows Safe mode - not luck

I checked boot sequence in boot menu - it was proper and I was able to see HDD and select windows boot files from disk.

Later I restored bios to defaults.

Later I have ran Ubuntu from USB to check SSD and HDD. It was alive and I was able to backup SSD data on external disk.

Now I am trying to recovery my Windows - I followed the instruction on non-dell computer and prepared recovery Windows on USB based on my Service Tag. It is booting, and showing me Dell logo with round logger. After 10 mins of loading it is showing me blue screen with mouse. Nothing else on the page.

Anyone could help? I am really desperate now.


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