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Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

As many of you have come to find out, some of the new drivers for windows 10 on dell laptops are messed up - you can no longer navigate back and forward while surfing in a browser with three finger multi-gestures - arguably one of the must useful gestures. I had this problem with the touchpad on my e5450. After 2 hours of trial and error, this is how I fixed it:

1. Uninstall the current touchpad driver - confirm that the DellTPad folder in C:\Program Files is empty(there may be a file left that you can't delete, but that's ok)

2. Restart your computer.

3. Download and install the windows 7 driver -  you will need to restart.

4. Navigate to the DellTPad folder again.

5. Now you will need to change the compatibility of all the application files(.exe) to windows 7(it may only need to be one or two files but I changed the 6 there just in case). To do this, right click on each file > properties > compatibility > change settings for all users > check mark windows 7 and run as administrator. Do this to all the application files but NOT Apoint - it will not auto-startup if you do.

6. Restart

7. Open the dell touchpad properties and adjust your multi gesture settings.

Note: while this method worked for me, your system might be different so ymmv.

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RE: Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

For me it works with present driver by running Dell Touch application as Administrator and playing with properties in the Touch pad application, located on C:\program files\DellTpad

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RE: Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

Hey, thanks a lot for your suggested fix - for myself i found out, that it's a lot easier to download the official Windows 8.1 drivers from the Dell support site. To be sure it doesn't get replaced by a newer version i've uploaded it also here:

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RE: Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

Here's the version number of the exact driver you need.


Dell updates their drivers on their website so you'll get the latest driver even if you select Windows 7 so you have to Google that version and install it.

Now the trick is to stop Windows Update from reinstalling the new driver. To do this, go here, and use the group policy editor method described there. Windows 10 Home doesn't have the group policy editor, so I'm not sure what to do there, but Rollback Driver doesn't work. I tried the Rollback Driver or Update Driver to specific version method, which will give you back a Pointing Devices UI that seems to allow swipe left/right for browser navigation, but it doesn't work. So you have to use the group policy editor to block the driver installation.

Next time you do a Windows Update the Alps Pointing Device update will fail, which is what you want.

Tested on a Latitude E5550 and E7450.

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Re: Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

I have tried every possible solutions online, but none of it worked and I have tried new one. I hope this might help you.

I'm Using Dell Inspiron 5558, Windows 10 Home (x64) and i got this problem yesterday.

Before attempting this make sure you have updated all dell drivers and intel drivers successfully.

If you open Device Manager in Control Panel, and under Human Interface Devices -> I2C HID Device is showing "This device cannot start. (Code 10). A request for the HID descriptor failed.", and the touchpad clicks is working but not the gestures, then I got the correct solution that worked for me.

See if there is a file "hidi2c.inf" in "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\hidi2c.inf_amd64_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (where x is some random id). Right Click and Choose Install.

If it shows Operation completed, you can see that the gestures come working and options to modify in Windows Settings app.

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