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Windwos 10 ntoskrnl.exe causing multiple BSOD a day

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have had major problems with my Dell Inspiron 7352. It started a while back when I was getting multiple BSODs a day. I could barely use my laptop for more then five minutes. Respectively I tried a factory reset. In the middle of the reset I was greeted with ANOTHER BSOD. This caused windows to break down fully resulting in a days worth of troubleshooting to fix it. I still have multiple BSOD coming at me form everywhere and I need help, here's a look at one of the .dmp files.  It's traced it to the file/driver ntoskrnl.exe

Dell is no help, I need you guys. 

Best Regards,


Bug check code: 0x00000139

Parameter 1: 00000000`00000003

Parameter 2: fffff803`59ae6450

Parameter 3: fffff803`59ae63a8

Parameter 4: fffff803`59ae63a8

Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe

Caused By address: ntoskrnl.exe+14e2e0

Crash Address: ntoskrnl.exe+14e2e0

Processors Count: 4

Major Version: 15

Minor Version:10240 

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