XPS 7760 Corel Draw problem

I am running Corel Draw X8 under Windows 10 64 on the XPS 7760 - it is running horribly slow and is freezing for several seconds while/after saving, exporting or printing documents. Reinstall did not help. Same Corel Draw version works fine on other PCs with Win10 64.

Any ideas? Thankful for every hint or support, Jo

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Re: XPS 7760 Corel Draw problem

I would suspect this particular model's spec's.  There are various memory options and several video options. 

With a program such as Corel Draw and depending on the PC hardware spec's and what else is running it can slow down.  Possibly more memory is one option.  If it only has the basic Intel 530 graphics instead of the optional AMD Radeon video that is another possibility.  If its memory, you may be able to upgrade but as the all in ones are basically a laptop with a desktop display upgrading video is not an option. 


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