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XPS15_L502X_I want Win7 back!!

  I have Dell XPS15 L502X and Microsoft (MS) repeatedly swore that my system was ready, compatible and able to upgrade to Win10 and with MUCH hesitation, I did it. After having some minor issues for a couple weeks I assumed 10 wasn't so bad since MS & Dell would surely be releasing updates and driver updates etc. and all would work itself out in the end.

  Well imagine my surprise when I found out my pc is in fact NOT compatible due to the fact that Dell is NOT releasing ANY Win10 updates/drivers for my $2K+ "XPS" pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I, of course, did not find this out until well after the 30 days MS gives for the "easy rollback to 7". 

  I was going to just push through the nonsense and just figure out workarounds and driver rollbacks, compatibilities, etc. until I could manage to get most everything working again but I am at wit's end now.  Between MS forcing Win10 on everybody, lying to them and telling them their machines are compatible with Win10 and then Dell basically hanging me out to dry on the driver updates, I'm just screwed.

  So my question is, can I just wipe the drive and reinstall Win7 from my Win7 "Reinstallation DVD" that came with my pc?

  And if I can do that, will I be able to get all of the necessary drivers from the "drivers and downloads" section of the Dell Support site? (I cannot find my "drivers & utilities" disc that came with my pc  anywhere to save my life!)

  This is the only solution I can think of.  I am not very computer savvy but I know some basics and this has been a very confusing situation so if my idea seems drastic or extreme, that's why.  Any info, help, better ideas, suggestions etc. that anyone can muster, I'd be more than glad to hear 'em/it!

  Thanks in advance and all apologies if this exact scenario has been presented and solved already in the past as I was unable to locate it.

  Best of wishes and Happy Holidays,


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Mary G
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RE: XPS15_L502X_I want Win7 back!!

You can reinstall windows 7 using the reinstallation disk, however you should not format the drive first when installing windows. The correct way to do an installation is to boot to the reinstall dvd, select Custom Install, Drive Options-or similar choice-- and delete the windows C partition with windows 10 then continue with the installation. Windows will reformat for you. Read up on this at Dell Support. All drivers will be available from Dell at Drivers and downloads. Those should always be downloaded instead of using an out of date disk. 

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