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application keeping my pc awake, or any workaround?

Hi Everyone,

I've set my pc to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. but the darn thing never sleeps. I run powercfg -requests on command prompt and it said "an audio stream is currently in use".
I tried closing program <Non-public info removed. TOS64>one by one and found out that LINE chat application is keeping it from sleeping.
Is there anything to bypass the application keeping my pc awake, or any workaround?

Thanks in advance !!


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Pc Awake Applications

My five best applications as per my experience.

  • Mouse Jiggler
  • Coffee
  • Caffeine Software
  • Don’t Sleep
  • Auto Mouse Mover
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He is looking for exact opposite of what these apps do 

An app is blocking sleep , he wants to bypass that 



You can easily close the applications from the task manager of your device, just select the running applications from the list and click on the end task option. This will probably help you in fixing the issue faced by you.

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