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auto-rotate screen


After an upgrade windows 10 with a major update in 1511 on the tablet venue 11 pro stopped working Auto-rotate screen

Offline microsoft I was sent to the manufacturer
Thanks and waiting for solutions

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RE: auto-rotate screen


Thanks you for writing to us!

1-Tap on Start menu and choose Settings.

2-Then go to System.

3-Next tap on Display.

4-Scroll down and make sure that Lock rotation of this display is set to OFF.

Auto rotation lock feature is automatically turned on in Windows 10, so make sure that you turn it off.

In addition you can also try this:

1-Go to Control Panel.

2-Choose Display.

3-Click on Change Display Settings.

4-Make sure that Allow the screen to auto-rotate is checked.

If this doesn’t help, maybe you’re having a hardware issue, so let’s check if your sensors are working properly.



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RE: auto-rotate screen

Good afternoon!

Unfortunately there is no option in the auto-rotation

So I had to do a restore from a wim file Win 8, install updates and run a clean update at win 10

After the upgrade to version 1511 Auto-rotate screen works

Issue has been resolved.


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RE: auto-rotate screen

I have a Dell 13 inspiron Windows 10 (I did do all the Driver updates but still did not resolve the issue, maybe the following plus this did the trick.This is how I got mine to work

This is how I got mine to work

go to

Device Manager (You can get here by pressing the Windows + x key on your keyboard)


HID Sensor Collection V2 (disable this device, reboot your computer and then enable this device)

You may need to go turn on Allow the screen to auto-rotate in the Control panel / Display Change Display settings / Allow the screen to auto-rotate

The greyed out option for Auto Rotate Lock in Display settings from right clicking the desktop is still greayed out u=until you actually flip the screen to tent mode

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RE: auto-rotate screen

It worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!!!

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RE: auto-rotate screen

I don't have the HID Sensor Collection in my dell inspiron . How can i do it now e-mail <Email id removed>

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Re: auto-rotate screen

Well. Did you check the Sensors with HID sensors collection in Device Manager? 

If not,  go and check it. 

See this link.

There is a link to download "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver " which helps your laptop to auto rotate. I hope it will help you. 

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