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can't register to download cyberlink suite

I've had to do a reinstall of win 10 but now I don't have the Cyberlink suite 10 that came with my Dell Inspiron .

Please help me at least get to the download page.  I know its there but the Dell system examiner or whatever it is called just keeps ''examining my system''

Thank you

EDITED to add it finally said that my service tag was not supported .... that must be wrong because the laptop is only 20 days old---- please help Dell

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RE: can't register to download cyberlink suite


Thank you for writing to us!

In this case you will have to download the "Dell Digital Delivery ". Once you have downloaded the Dell Digital Delivery kindly register and once that is done you will be able to download the Cyberlink suite 10 .




DELL-Robin D
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