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dvd drive on Dell Inspiron 1520

I have the PBDS dual layer dvd drive on my dell inspiron 1520 which I got from my phone company back in 2007, The system still works great even with windows 10, but the dvd drive no longer shows in the bios and is no longer detected.   I have to use a unbent paperclip to open the drive but it will not spin do I get it to be discovered in bios?   I am also wondering about upgrades for this laptop besides a new hard drive, or power adapter or battery.  Is there anything available to be able to use bluetooth on this system.   it works better than an acer laptop I got when I went to school.  and any ideas on renewing the letters and numbers on the keyboard

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RE: dvd drive on Dell Inspiron 1520


Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.

I would recommend you to reseat the Optical Drive as it could be a connection issue. Please follow the instructions from page 54 of the service manual from the link below to reseat the optical drive:

In case if the optical drive is still not detected, it could be faulty and needs to be replaced based on the system warranty. 

Unfortunately, there aren't much upgrade options available for this model apart from the one's already mentioned by you. 

The easiest way to get the bluetooth functionality on this system is to use a third party USB Bluetooth Adapter. I would recommend to check the system requirements to confirm the compatibility with your system. 

The letters on the keyboard usually fade away over a period of time with usage/wear & tear. Unfortunately, wear and tear issues are not covered under the warranty. The recommended action in this case would be to order and install a new keyboard. 

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RE: dvd drive on Dell Inspiron 1520

This did not solve my problem and it's not easy finding a replacement optical drive for a dell inspiron, or any other parts.

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RE: dvd drive on Dell Inspiron 1520

Its easy enough to find an optical drive on eBay:

You can get a USB Bluetooth dongle or replace the wireless card. Its likely a full height PCI-E wireless card:

Most new cards are half height so you'll need an adapter:

The best upgrade for your system is a Solid State drive other than that its recommended to put money aside for a new system (or second hand system).

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