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error code 2000-0142

My dell desktop was so late to boot. and I thought something was wrong. so I ran diagnostics and got some error in hard disk test 2000-0142.

I know it's a best way to replace hard disk. but I have some application that I have to recover.

I bought this program very expensive. And when I asked the seller, he said that I would have to pay again to install this program on the new computer or new disk. so I wonder if it's possible to migrate from existing broken hard disk into new hard disk or SSD.



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Re: error code 2000-0142

If you can boot from the old drive then you could try to clone the drive to a new SSD or HDD. If the drive is not bootable then you could install a new drive, take the old drive and with the use of an enclosure or docking station, attempt to retrieve the files and copy to the new drive.




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Re: error code 2000-0142

"migrate from existing broken hard disk into new hard disk or SSD"

No this is not possible.

You waited too long to do a proper backup.

Now the drive is physically bad.

Error Code 2000-0142
Validation 93830
Msg: Hard Drive 0 - SN WXJ1E213HERJ6, Short self test unsuccessful. Status 79.

Ontrack data got 100 percent information back from space shuttle hard drive that fell from the sky.

This service however is not cheap and its not free.


I have used them and they do good work.

$350 for Diagnosis and $4500 for recovery of the data on the drive.




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