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installing windows 10 on inspiron 3542 after SSD upgrade


I bought my inspiron 3542 (i5 4210u, 4gb Ram, 1TB HDD) 2 years ago. It came with windows 8.1 pre-installed and I've upgraded to windows 10 during the free upgrade period.

However, I would like to replace my existing HDD with an SSD (Amazon: https://goo.gl/tckHx2)


  1. Will my laptop model support the aforementioned Samsung SSD ?
  2. How do I reinstall windows 10 from my existing HDD to the new SSD? note: it's upgraded from windows 8.1 so I don't know how to reinstall an upgraded windows 10.
  3. Would I face any issues for resetting/restoring windows after installing windows 10 on the new SSD?
  4. Are there any drivers(Firmware, GPU, CPU,etc.) that need to be installed for win10 on the new SSD on my inspiron 3542 laptop?


Thanks in Advance!

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Re: installing windows 10 on inspiron 3542 after SSD upgrade

Hello! So the SSD should fit fine in your computer, but unless you have an external enclosure you will not be able to clone the HDD to the SSD, thus you will have to install it fresh.

To do that you want to go to google and type in windows 10 download and download the windows USB disc maker from Microsoft.  It will put the latest version of windows 10 onto a USB drive from which you can install on the SSD.

You will also want to go here to download the latest drivers and backup your HDD before doing anything else.  Since you will be installing a fresh windows 10 copy you won't have to worry about resetting/restoring anything.  

Alternetly you can go to cortana search and type in recovery drive.  Select backup system files and it should make a USB of windows 10 with all the drivers etc so you won't have to do the above.  I've never worked with it so i'm not 100 percent sure about it. 


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