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need help with Win10 1803 clean install on inspiron 3421

i have downloaded and clean installed the windows 10 1803 version (thru MS media creation tool).

my questions and confusions:

1. which drivers provided by MS (generic) should i replace with more specific drivers (from dell, intel, nvidia, etc)?

2. philip yip and his site has helped me a lot (over many years) in this, and it is from his work that i realised that there are many devices need specific drivers to work better, and that dell's suggestions (through their support page) are not necessarily the best ones. based on his suggestions i tried to find better drivers, and i am still lost.

3. there are many drivers where i don't know - after having downloaded the driver folder - what to do, to install the drivers.

there may be more questions that will become clear as i actually sit to update the drivers. i hope i can come back and keep asking for help.

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