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system crash after installation .ISO reading software (alcohol120, deamon tools) on T3600

Good evening dell community.

I have recently bought a dell precision T3600 for cad / photos editing. I was trying to install deamon tools to run some .iso based software and after installation I had a trouble to start deamon tools. there was a problem with disc soft bus service. I ahve reinstalled this program but problem remained the same. sadly, i have resterted my machine and was very suprised when windows showed blue screen. after several resets and fix screens i have decided to run ghost... after system restore I have tried to install alcohol 120% with very same effect. i have been able to run app, but could not create any virual drive. and after restart i have seen another blue screen etc. after another system restore I am trying to find answer before any sort of install.

does it have something in common with class of my machine ( i mean professional use?) on my laptop with win 10 deamon tool works without any problems at all.


please give me some answers if possible as it is being realy pain for me.


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