Booting into Recovery via F8 not working for Dell Inspiron 15R 5520


I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 (15R-2110sLV) which has Windows 8.  I'm testing it & checking it out.  

When trying to boot into Dell Factory Image Restore Mode (to make sure you can use that function in the future) I repeatedly press on F8 and the laptop boots into Windows 8.
[according to the Inspiron 15R 5520 Users Guide "When the DELL logo appears, press <F8> few times to access the Advanced Boot Options window." ]

I have tried & failed using the default UEFI/Secure boot mode, the UEFI/unsecure boot mode, and the Legacy boot mode.  

In Legacy boot mode via F12  I am able to boot off of a CD/DVD or USB drive.  I had created Factory Image Recovery media (on DVDs).  I booted up the Dell Factory Image Recovery disc which offered the recommended option to boot off the harddrive (after removing the DVD disc).  When I do that I receive errors PXE-E61 (Media Test Failure) & PXE-M0F (No boot device found. Press any key to re-boot).  When I press a key the laptop reboots & the same errors occur;  I had to use F12 to boot into Windows (to break out of the boot/error loop ...).

I have noticed that my laptop seems to be different from the Dell documentation.  Since this is a Windows 8 machine I'm guessing that Dell has pointed me to older manuals for their Win 7 version of 5520 machines.  For example, my setup has Dell Backup & Recovery and not Dell DataSafe Backup (nor Dell Backup & Recovery Manager).

... so is there anyone out there in the Dell Community  that
 - can provide me with the correct instructions for my situation ??      and/or
 - can point me to updated documentation for the Windows 8 version of my (Intel powered) Inspiron 15R 5520  ??

[ Also,  I had problems creating the recovery media using  Windows 8 Dell Backup & Recovery with my onboard DVD burner.  It would burn the 1st disc, but would eject the 2nd blank disc soon after inserting it.  I ended up using an external DVD burner to create the discs.  
(Now, when trying the onboard DVD burner again, I can't get Dell Backup & Recovery to even burn the 1st disc ???).  
Any help/info with this would also be appreciated. ]

Thanks for your time

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Jim Coates

Re: Booting into Recovery via F8 not working for Dell Inspiron 15R 5520

Maybe you should post on the Win 8 section of the Dell Forum. This is the Laptop Audio discussion board.


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