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Can't Install Windows 8 on a brand new Inspiron 14z

Hello everyone, 

My girlfriend was looking for a thin, light, fast, affordable and with plenty of storage laptop, and decided to buy a Dell Inspiron 14z (Inspiron 5423). What she liked the most was the hybrid 500GB HDD and 32GB mSATA, making the laptop a great combination between fast and with reazonable large storage. I recommend her to upgrade it to Windows 8, so the first thing we make after turn the pc on for the first time was to enter onto windowsupgradeoffer and purchased the $15 Windows 8. The installer downloaded and created an installer named as "Install Windows", I backed it up in USB and DVD.

Due I easily clean-installed windows 8 in my Asus laptop few weeks ago, I pretended to do the same with the new Dell, so I changed bios options to boot from DVD and everything worked fine until the W8 installer asked me where to install the OS but any disk space appeared, so I canceled the installation, went to bios and changed "SATA Operation" from the default "Intel(R) Smart Response Technology" to ATA and proceeded to make the installation from DVD again; this time disk space did appear, mSata was divided in two different partitions and HDD in 3, every partition seemed to be well labeled with what is inside; at that moment I felt unconfident to erase partitions and everything, because I dont actually understand how mSATA and HDD work together to improve perfomance (remember, that is one of the main reasons my gf bought this laptop), so I cancelled again the W8 installation and proceed to reboot the PC and begin the W8 installation from "Install Windows" in Windows 7.

I started over, I chose "Install now" option, chose to keep nothing (it had the option to keep accounts, files, etc), asked to update, it started to install, 10-15 later the installation make its reboot (it stated that "Your PC will restart serveral times. This might take a while.") and then the PC went to "Windows Boot Manager" Choose an operating system to start, or press TAB to select a tool: (use the arrow to highlight your choice, then presse ENTER.)

Windows 8

Windows setup

Windows 7

To specify and advanced option for this choice, press F8.

Seconds until the highlighted choice will be started automatically: xx


Windows Memory Diagnostic

I chose Windows 8 and it reboot and came out again in the "Windows Boot Manager" and I chose again and again W8 and it always returned to the same place, so I chose Windows, once I logged on on W7 the W8 installer told me "We couldn't install Windows 8. We set your PC back to the way it was right before you started installing Windows 8"..

I repeated this process 2 times with the same result. I tried installing it from USB and DVD installer ending up with the same results. I came here to Dell Support and read stuff on http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/win8-support/win8-portal followed the steps in http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/kcs/document?c=us&cs=19&docid=575112&l=en&s=dhs backed up W7, upgrade W7, upgraded drivers (System BIOS, Video Driver, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, Wireless LAN and not sure about Mobile Broadband driver), tried to deinstall BT (step 8 of the former checklist), and everthing went the same way again, but this time the installation process lated way longer than the previous times.

I have chose to kepp files, accounts, etc, every time it went the same way. Now USB isnt working properly.

At the moment I fell very frustrated, because I have spent like 2 days trying to install W8, and have no idea what more I should try.

I will welcome any advice.



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