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Dell Backup and Recovery question.


I have a Dell Latitude E5530. Using win 8.

I want to backup all my (C:\) system files onto blank DVD-R's.

Here are the steps I selected:

  1. Clicked on Dell Backup and Recovery Icon from desktop.

  2. Screen pops up and I select the Backup Panel

  3. Highlighted System backup option

  4. Screen states current system backup location C:\

  5. I insert blank DVD-R into the optical drive. Verify in explorer dvd is ready.

  6. I click the Browse button shown. Next screen states “Select drive below”

  7. This screen just shows my C:\ drive no reference to the D:\ where the blank DVD is located.

So if I click backup now, I assume the backup will store system files on the C:\ drive.


How can I get the my system files backup/stored onto  blank DVD's?

I know the inserted blank dvd is ready, I see the green light blinking. And it's reference as D:\ in file explorer.



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