Dell XPS12 Q23

Laptop is stuck in " preparing automatic repair" and never completes  process . Unable to access recovery partition. Purchased Recovery USB key from Dell and booted to USB recovery key. Got the " Loading Files"  message  and then the Windows logo and the rotating circle   . It stays in that mode for hours with no change., Could someone please help. Had a session with Dell technical support but they had to issue a refund  after they could not solve the issue. Diagnostics came up  good.

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RE: Dell XPS12 Q23


Thank you for writing to us!

Selective boot up in BIOS

cmd( command prompt)  to open and check

bootrec /fixMBR

bootrec /Fixboot

bootrec /rebuildBCD

and also

chkdsk /r c:

chkdsk /r d:

chkdsk /r e:

chkdsk /r f:

then let repair go through again and should be stopped

kindly let us know if this help ,



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