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Installation of windows 8.1 in Dell Precision T3400

I got myself a T3400 PC. I installed windows 8.1 in it. Everything seems to work fine except for my internal speakers.

After I installed windows 8.1 the audio symbol showed that it was muted at the bottom right corner and no matter what I did the volume level wouldn't change.

I went to Dell's website and downloaded their latest audio driver by entering my express code into the website.

The muted symbol has gone away but I'm still not hearing anything from my speakers even though I see the signal level changing in "Playback Device" tab of my sound devices.

I plugged in my headphones and mic they're working fine.

I ran Dell's hardware test on the PC and it passed everything.

Q1. Is there any way to get them working ? Can somebody give me steps please?

Q2. Do I need to install some new driver?

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RE: Installation of windows 8.1 in Dell Precision T3400

Hello!  So are you talking about the internal speaker inside the tower itself, or are you talking about a speaker set you plugged into the back?  If you plugged them into the back its supposed to be plugged into the green plug in the back and not the blue one.  If your talking about the internal speaker, there is a possibility that it never came with one as the manual lists it as an option for this model.  I would open the unit and see if its plugged into the connector on the motherboard if it has the optional speaker

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