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L521X Windows 8 reboot cycle


I've check everywhere on Internet about my problem and I'm stuck, here is my problem :

I've downloaded the windows 8 upgrade, installed it, it went well windows was working then i reboot the computer and it has crashed at windows boot (blue screen with the big 😞 ), then it reboot again 2nd crash after that i arrived at a restore screen. It completly kill my old windows files, put it in another directory etc.

After all this i tried to make a fresh restore of the computer, windows 8 cleaned installed, and I have started my tests : 

- When you fresh install you can boot and enter windows 8, if I install anything and reboot, crash restore cycle

- if I install a driver crash reboot restore

- A windows update crash reboot restore

I have a BIOS A11 (the A12 download link isn't working...), if have activated AHCI to boot on the 128G mSATA SSD with the 1TB as the second drive.
UEFI boot is enabled in the BIOS  but i think windows 8 don't use it.
It's imposible to find an ISO DVD of windows 8 so i don't have many options. 

Whatever I do make my windows 8 to crash


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Re: L521X Windows 8 reboot cycle

Hi, anyone can help me on this problem?

We are many that have the same issue :


Please help

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