Make Windows 8 act like Windows 7 .... Stardock Start8

Like a lot of Windows 8 desktop and laptop user .... I Hate Windows 8 !!!!
It might be a nice interface for tablets and phones, but I think that it's a big failure otherwise.

I just installed the program Stardock Start8 , and I love it! Here is the link ....


It's only $5 and it makes Windows 8 act just like Windows 7

It really is great and removed some of my hatred for Windows 8

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Re: Make Windows 8 act like Windows 7 .... Stardock Start8

ps. After looking at my post I realized that it looks like I have stock in the Stardock Co. :-)

I assure you that I don't I just love how Start8 relieved some of my dislike of Windows 8 ... that is all ... enjoy!

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Re: Make Windows 8 act like Windows 7 .... Stardock Start8

There is also StartIsBack and ClassicShell but after using the 3 I decided I prefer Start8.

Start8 is highly recommended in my Windows Reinstallation wiki:


I still don't know what Microsoft were thinking with respect to ruining the Windows experience...

 Actual Windows Manager is great for multiple monitors (but at the moment I am disappointed in how it runs on Windows 8) so I am back to WIndows 7.

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