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Users Accounts Issue - Win 8

Hi All,

I have recently Installed Windows 8 on my custom System. I wasn't an active user for Microsoft accounts, though i already had one. Now i used the same account for windows 8 Login, and i guess after updates or something i did, i get two Login ID's on the login screen. with Same user name, and Picture.

Last thing i remember is, i made some changes to windows user login settings - so that i dont have to enter the password every time i login, thinking that this could be the reason, i reversed the changes, but to no avail.I still get two Login icons and everytime its on the one which is labelled as "other account" but has same user name.

I m slightly confused now, if this is because of what i did or something else.

I guess following is un related to the topic, but i guess if you have some answers , all info around it might be necessary.

(As my account was old i had to reset the password in beginning of using win 8 and now when i login online on my account page i have to wait till 2 weeks to make any further changes.)

any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Users Accounts Issue - Win 8

Hi TucoSalamanca,

There is no possibility that two accounts with the same user name can be created. However, since it is created this could be due to operating system issue. Request you to try following the below steps which might help in deleting the alternate account:

(1)   Login to your admin account           

(2)   Click on the “Windows logo” and type “User Accounts

(3)   Now, select “Settings” and then select the “User Accounts” icon

(4)   Click on “Manage another account” and then select the user account that you want to delete

(5)   Click on “delete the account

Note: Once deleted, the user accounts cannot be recovered. Make sure you back up any data if required.

If you have any other questions do reply to the same thread.

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran Kumar
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