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Win 8.1 ask for Repair/Restoration Disc at Boot

I have a 5558-2571blk laptop, Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> that is experiencing OS problems and a Bluetooth  problem. When booting the system asks for a repair or restore system disc. I did a repair and the system booted, but repeated the same request for restore error on the next boot. 

 Bluetooth will not sync with any device and is not recognized by any device.  It initially started to link and gave codes, but then this stopped completely 

This seems to have started when I removed a usb device, but I can't say positively. Also, clicking the USB Eject/ Remove Hardware does not work.

I'd like to know the best course of action. Which should I do first, 1) reboot and do the system restore,  2) do the online diagnostic or 3) update the drivers and bios in my system?

When I do the driver updates,  which should be done first? The descprition does not cover all the categories that I need updated.  I have listed the categories below.

Lastly,  I see there is a bios update in the  update list. As you know updating the bios can cause a major system problem there is an error. Does the bios have a roll back method to the old bios, similar to drivers, in case there is a problem with the updated bios. 


Update list below.           

Application |

Audio |

Backup and Recovery |


Chipset |


Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices |

Network |

Serial ATA |


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RE: Win 8.1 ask for Repair/Restoration Disc at Boot

Clean Install Windows 8.1 with Update 1:


Then upgrade to Windows 10:


Also check F12 preboot diagnostics:


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RE: Win 8.1 ask for Repair/Restoration Disc at Boot

Turns out McAfee AV was the main problem with a driver fault causing blue screen (BSOD).  System running much better now after McA uninstalled -  boot problems eliminated.

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