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Windows 10 - An Unexpected Guest...


I wasn't sure where to initially place this discussion, as my question revolves equally around Windows 8.1 and Windows 10...

I currently own a Dell XPS 15 laptop that had a factory pre-installed version of Windows 8.1. About 2 and 1/5 years after buying it, I had to replace my hard drive because my laptop wouldn't boot but now (for some reason) I have Windows 10 loaded on my laptop but this version is not activated and it doesn't recognise the product key that used to be on my laptop.

I've tried to apply a factory reset to my laptop but it just pre-installed Windows 10 again - and since my laptop was pre-installed with Windows 8.1, I don't actually have my product license key.

In short (ha!) my question is this - is there any way I could get my valid version of Windows 8.1 back? From what little reading I did, my product key should be found in my laptop's BIOS/motherboard - does this mean that even with my replaced hard drive, this can still be found somewhere in my laptop?

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RE: Windows 10 - An Unexpected Guest...

The key in the UEFI BIOS is edition specific. Only the correct Edition will input the key automatically. See here for more details:



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