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I recently bought Dell 15R Turbo. It came with windows 8. However, I did not get any product key/Windows DVD with the product. I have read other posts which indicate that the key is embedded in the BIOS.

In that case I atleast need those original OEM windows DVD at least. How can I get Dell to send me the discs??

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Sushant Mahajan

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Re: Windows 8 DVD

Hi sushant.mahajan,

New Dell systems can be restored to Factory state in case there is any issue with the operating system. Please follow the steps mentioned below to restore the computer to Factory state.

  1. Plug in the AC adapter.
  2. Point to the right hand corner of the screen to bring up the charms bar.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select ‘PC settings, In the PC settings window, select ‘General’.
  5. Once “General is selected, on the right side scroll down to click on ‘Restart Now’ under Advanced settings’
  6. In the next screen click on ‘Trouble shoot’.
  7. Click the Dell Backup and Recovery icon.
  8. The system restarts and comes back up, click ‘Next’ on the Dell Backup and Recovery Screen.
  9. The system would be checked to see if the smart repair option can fix the issue, click ‘Next’ once this is done.
  10. You will be prompted to select the backup to be used, click the factory image option or select from one of the backups. Click Next.
  11. You will be prompted to back up your files, if needed do so by selecting the option ‘Yes, backup my personal files’ (Make sure to have an external backup hard drive handy.) or select No, Erase my files.
  12. The system goes ahead and completes the restore of the operating system. Click Restart when prompted.
  13. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the system with windows.

Note: Please backup your files before using the DVDs to recovery to factory state.

In case you still need the Windows 8 re-installation disc, Please send me a private message with the computer's service tag, Name registered during the system purchase; email address so that I can check what can be done. To send a private message, click on my name and select start conversation.

Please let me know if this helps.

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