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Windows 8 Product Key Will Not Activate after Using Recovery

Have a Dell Laptop that I have ordered 3 Recovery Keys. 1st was bad, and received a message, "missing some informations". Yes, "informations". 2nd and 3rd have loaded, but they can't be activated and Microsoft doesn't recognize them. Dell support will not help without payment since my computer is out of warranty. I am only trying to receive support for the invalid product key, not for the hardware. The missing piece is a simple product key, so I can have full update support. As it is right now the operating is usable, but I can't do all of the updates I need to do until it can be registered and legitimate.

Suggestions on how to get a valid product key, without paying Dell, will be greatly appreciated. I understand that it costs the company money to have techs, but in the time I've spent on the phone, or chatting they could have helped me. I'm sure this is a very easy fix that can be accomplished with minimal direction. And not sure why I have received 3 USB drives that don't provide full system recovery. I have paid for a product that leaves me a step short of a fully functional operating system.

After talking to a MS rep for assistance, he concluded that the key isn't valid and there isn't anything to do other than talk to Dell. This has been a futile attempt to get my system going. I downloaded a third-party app to recover the product key. The original, that comes with my system, will not work either. This is likely due to the mismatched operating system. This came with Windows 8.1, but I've been sent Windows 8 Build 9200. Maybe others will have better luck, but I'm likely moving on and will purchase a full version of Windows 10. Hopefully it will work. If anybody can think of a reason not to take the plunge, any advice is welcomed. Thanks!

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