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Windows 8 Product Key

I purchased a manufacture refurbished alienware x51 a few years ago, had a few troubles with updating the bios right away however I reset it back to 4(?) and had no issues.

I recently updated the bios without thinking of what happened when I did it last. When I started the computer again I got a "reboot and select proper device message" I put in my windows 8 recovery disk and went searching for my product key, I cant seem to find it however, any clues? If not is there any easier solutions?


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RE: Windows 8 Product Key

It seems like updating the BIOS has changed your boot sequence... so you should power down your system and press [F2] at startup and amend the boot order so the SSD/HDD is on top. You may also need to revert the SATA operation if its changed and toggle between UEFI and Legacy BIOS...

At this stage you should consider clean installing Windows 10 TH2 especially as the offer for the free upgrade expires in 2 days and there is no point in sticking to Windows 8.1:


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