Windows 8 Tiles dont work

Well ive been stuck without windows tiles for quite some time now.   Ive attempted many of the various tips and tricks out there to get this problem fixed.  The one i cant try is the system refresh because the windows tiles dont work which mean i cant open PC Settings to get that started.  

Is there a way i can do this without having to open PC Settings which wont actually open.

i have windows 8 installed and would love to upgrade to windows 8.1 but because the tiles dont work i cant open the windows store.  Just like most people out there the other tiles work like chrome etc just not the standard windows 8 ones.  no i dont have any additional antivirus or firewalls turned on.  yes ive tried to reset the tile service, yes ive tried the app diagnostic tool.  nothing is working.  Im stumped.

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RE: Windows 8 Tiles dont work

If you upgrade to Windows 8 from an earlier version of Windows follow the instructions to download a retail version of Windows 8.1:


If you have a Dell OEM version of Windows i.e. if WIndows 8 was preinstalled by Dell then Microsoft haven't provided a .iso installation file or allowed Dell to provide one so you cannot download Windows 8.1 without accessing the store. I don't know why they have done this as theres been many issues with regards to getting it from the store. Anyway theres a few things left to try. First backup any files you have onto to an external hard drive.

Then download the latest version of Dell Backup and Recovery:


Follow the instructions here to create factory recovery media:


Note as you have no access to the tiles, you will need to search for Dell Backup and Recovery via Windows explorer and launch it via the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. Press [Windows] and [ e ] to launch Windows explorer.

You should then restore to the factory settings using the recovery media:


Once you have restored to Windows 8 factory settings. Update Windows 8.0 fully and ensure you have the latest BIOS update from Dell. Then proceed to the store and try to get the Windows 8.1 Update.

If you cannot create recovery media and reside within the US with active warranty fill out this form:


Unfortunately Dell have not made this form available for customers outside the US. For customers that reside outside the US or within the US that don't have warranty, you will need to phone Dell Technical Support to procure one.

If your system has warranty, I would suggest procuring one regardless if you get media from Dell Backup and Recovery program to work. I am not sure if you will get Windows 8.1 media as Microsoft done something strange with the retail product keys making Windows 8.1 retail media reject Windows 8.0 product keys. Therefore Windows 8.1 media might reject the OEM SLP key residing within the Windows 8.0 BIOS.

Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

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