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Windows boot problem.

Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english.

I'm having trouble with my dell notebook, it's a 'inspiron n4050' model and i installed windows 8.1 recently. Turns out that it's the second time that after a update, it boots to a black screen with a dot flashing and shows no log, the windows won't start at all, but I still can do the f2 and f12 menu. First time I just format the notebook, but this time I wish to solve the problem without loosing my data, so I started a research. 

Found in some places that it could be my BIOS fault, so I downloaded a new version of it and boot a usb using ms-dos function to install it, the BIOS installed successfully, then I received a new log displayng "error pxe-e61: Media test failure check cable". Then I disabled the NIC thing, but it didn't work at all. My BIOS display AO8 now, the tests are fine and all the drivers can be read, is there a way to fix it?

Again, sorry for my english, but I really want some help!

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