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Windows updates

I have purchased a Dell XPS 435 and upgraded to Windows 8.1.

I tried to contact a Dell tech regarding some update problems and ended up with click4support who said they were Dell techs. They could not solve my problem regarding Windows unable to install updates but after talking to a couple of their techs whom I allowed in my computer, I was told with Windows 8.1 I do not need to update as it was done automatically! Is this factual??

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RE: Windows updates

If the settings are set to automatically download and install then no you shouldn't have to worry about it. If you haven't done any yet since upgrading to 8.1, then you can do the first bulk update manually by following these steps:

  • Pull up the charms menu on the right and click on Settings
  • Then click on Change PC Settings
  • At the bottom left you will see Update and Recovery
  • After clicking on this you will be in the Windows Updates page and there will be a setting that determines how the updates are downloaded and implemented. You can also manually check and install updates here.

Also here is a link to help explain the automatic update process.

Feel free to post if you have anymore questions.

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