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Wyse thin client model 3030

Hello, I am new to capturing images from a Windows Server 2012 R2. My system admin is having me capture an image from a working 3030 wyse box so I can re-image another (not working) 3030 wyse box. I have the USB flash device to capture the image, but out of all my researching, I'm still unable to figure out the correct way to capture the image from the working wyse box. I've only been able to push the image over to another wyse box with the 3040 model; I didn't have to capture the image from a working 3040.

If someone could please respond with VERY direct and easy steps to do this, I would love that. I'm sure this is very easy, but my system admin isn't good at being an admin AND a teacher, so thank you so much in advance.

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