XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails

I have a brand new Dell XPS 8500 with Windows 8. I did my initial software load and wanted to create a system image. The image fails with error code 0x80780119. This is the sequence I ran:

1) Control Panel

2) Windows 7 File Recovery

3) Create a system image

4) On a hard disk (External hard drive selected with 1.36 TB free space)

5) Program states that the following drives will be backed up without allowing me to add or remove drives (EFI System Partition, OS(CSmiley Happy(System, and WINRETOOLS(System). I hit "start backup"

6) Create a system image box opens and it starts to run the process and then errors out and says the backup failed. The error message says there is not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location and it lists error code 0x80780119.

I believe it's not a problem with the destination drive where the final system image will be created. It has to be a problem with one of the partitions on the one and only hard drive inside the machine. Using Disk Management I can see the following partitions on the harddrive:

500MB EFI System Partition

40MB OEM Partition

500MB Recovery Partition

1854.75GB NTFS

7.12GB Recovery Partition

Please help

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Re: XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails

Hi Snowman-Z,

Based on the information you've shared in your post your computer has been shipped with a 'factory installed' recovery partition on its hard drive. This partition has the factory image of your system 'pre-loaded' on it. This image includes the 'Windows Operating System', 'Drivers', 'Dell branded applications' and other third party programs that you may have ordered.(The third party applications present in the recovery partition are the ones that you received as pre-installed in the system)

Dell provides an option of creating a replica of this 'system image' with help of 'Dell Backup and Recovery' program. You may use either 2-3 DVDs or 8 GB USB flash drive as an external recovery media for creating a backup. You may find the following steps useful:

Click the ‘Recovery Media‘ tile.

Click ‘Factory Backup‘. 

Select either ‘USB Flash Drive‘ or ‘Discs‘ as per your requirement. Ensure to connect the USB Flash Drive or put blank media into the optical drive.

Note: If there is no Optical drive in the system, user can attach an external USB DVD writer.

Click ‘Continue‘.

Click ‘Start‘, at this point when you are prompted saying that the data would be lost, click ‘Yes‘.

The factory image gets created on the USB flash drive or disc, click 'OK' once done.

You may want to refer to the steps demonstrated in the video: http://bit.ly/TJ6wJt

Hope this helps. Do reply if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh A
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Re: XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails

If your error shows #80780119, Dell Win8 includes a 500 Mb has a hidden recovery partition labeled WINRETOOLS that, on my machine, has 227Mb that must be backed up. Windows requires more free space than that on a 500Mb or larger disk. My solution was use the free download bootable disk version of "Partition Wizard" ( www.partitionwizard.com/download.html ) or similar program to reduce the size of the 500Mb partition to 490Mb. Going under the 500Mb limit sharply reduces the free space required from 320Mb to 50Mb and all is good to go. The Windows partition program won't touch it because Dell created it.

Gerald Mack

Re: XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails

I have the same problem, but to get that far I had to turn off the "PortableOperatingSystem" bit in the registry so that the Windows 7 backup would even run.  Since I discovered (via "answers.microsoft.com") that Dell's 40MB OEM partition prevents Windows from creating a system image, I purchased the upgrade to "Dell Backup and Recovery" so that I could use it instead.  But, unlike Windows 7, there doesn't seem to be any way to create a bootable recovery disc to use in the event of a total system hard drive failure (ie. unable to boot from even the recovery partition).  This seems to be a serious oversight if Dell wants people to use their system imaging software rather than Windows'.  I fell that it's important to be able to keep current system images, rather than just the factory image (I've used them many times in the past).  Am I missing something?  Why was my Windows 8 XPS8500 configured as a "Portable Operating System"?  Should it be (should I turn the bit back on)?  

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Re: XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails

Try a real imaging program, like Paragon HDM, Terabyte, Macrium, ShadowProtect...

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Gerald Mack

Re: XPS 8500 Win 8 System Image Fails


Please see my response to other suggestions related to this at: en.community.dell.com/.../20335380.aspx.  Have you fully exercised any/all of these "solutions" as suggested therein?


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