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XPS L502X help for Dell Factory Image Restore


So I my XPS came with Windows 7 pre-installed as per usual, however, my sister had recently purchased Windows 8 pro and gave it to me. I upgraded, willing to try it out, however, I was not told that she had already used the product key to activate it so I am stuck with an inactive Windows 8. I am trying to do a factory image restore but none of the options I have looked up are options available to me.

Like I said I am currently running windows 8 but want to run a Dell Factory Image Restore so it reverts back to its original Windows 7 OS. I have followed the instructions in my XPS setup guide, ran it and nothing finding out later that since its windows 8 it does not apply. I have tried the windows 8 reset but it does not work. I have run the same process for windows 8, but my laptop does not have the backup and recovery option, it still runs the dell datasafe local backup, which also does not allow me to run a factory image restore for some reason. Can someone help me PLEASE!!! This is frustrating beyond belief. Just want to go back to windows 7 but the factory image restore is not showing up as an option. How do I get there? and How do I revert back to Windows 7?


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RE: XPS L502X help for Dell Factory Image Restore

You will need to clean install. Dell Backup and Recovery/Dell DataSafe usually don't work after system partitions are changed or an OS has been manually installed/upgraded.

If you don't have a Dell Windows 7 Reinstallation DVD use a Digital River .iso and the Activation Backup and Recovery Program:



For full installation instructions see my Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean install of Windows 7:





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RE: XPS L502X help for Dell Factory Image Restore

Your site seems exactly what I need (I want to revert to Windows 7) but those ads almost killed my XPS. Well, maybe it would work fine with Windows 7, I don't know.

I still have a recovery drive (that you cannot see except in 'Disk Management'), why I cannot just reset the Windows to the OEM version I originally had?