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windows 8.1 wont install error 0X80004005

I have tried twice to upgrade my XPS8500 from windows 8 w media center  to 8.1. teven disabled my Nortons.

The install fails at the same place when it tries to re-start.

Bear in mind, I bought this computer early in the year and it had problems periodically not starting because of that secondary drive that was Dell installed.

At that time, Dell helped me twice to try to "kick start" it trying different boot methods. The technical details are beyond my personal knowledge.

My windows updates are updated except for 3 security updates from the very last round of about 19.

How can I get past this and wasn't this the long awaited windows 8 update that was supposed to finally fix this startup problem with the XPS 8500?


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RE: windows 8.1 wont install error 0X80004005

Microsoft still haven't realised a .iso for clean installation of Windows 8/Windows 8.1 meaning if Windows 8.1 breaks your installation you are stuck or if Windows 8 update does not work properly you are stuck.

These problems were quite common on previous versions of Windows.

There is a post here which has download links to .isos:

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RE: windows 8.1 wont install error 0X80004005

Hi Wdaren,

Thank you for reaching out. Please refer the following link which has the troubleshooting steps for the error message 0X80004005 while installing the updates: http://dell.to/19R4f4p

Please post the results.

Thanks and regards,
Madhur B
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RE: windows 8.1 wont install error 0X80004005


If you still haven't upgraded to Windows 8.1 can you please try the update again and let us know if your system upgraded?

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