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xps 420 wont show wifi network windows 8

i  have a xps 420  running windows 8 fresh install  everything runs fine except the internet i  cant use a cable to connect

i have a pci wi fi card that says its connected and running fine but windows 8 wont show wireless option nor connections any help would be appreciated 

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Re: xps 420 wont show wifi network windows 8


Dell has not tested this system with Windows 8. You may refer to the link for a compatible system tested by Dell with Windows 8 http://dell.to/12kQPKY. Windows 8 drivers for this are not available.

You've mentioned that you connected a PCI WiFi card. May the model no. and the manufacturer of the card.

You've also mentioned that it says connected. Does it show connected in the task-bar?

Please share a screenshot of Device Manager with Network Controller and Ethernet Controller expended.

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Re: xps 420 wont show wifi network windows 8

XPS 420 does not have a wireless card, just the ethernet network integrated connection. Did you add a wireless card? The wireless card will not have a ethernet cable connection. Check with your ISP to see why you cannot connect to the Internet. When you have both a wireless card and a wired connection, you must disable one to use the other. Disable the added wireless card in Network Connections to use the ethernet connection

Windows 8 runs perfectly fine on my XPS 420.

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Re: xps 420 wont show wifi network windows 8

Also might check to see if your wireless router has been set to allowed you to connect- most FW are not allowed to start with. also you might validate the wireless mode is turned on.... I find may have but have never turned on....

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