Windows 7 drivers for Dell Latitude Dx30

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Windows 7 drivers for Dell Latitude Dx30

I am disappointed that Dell doesn't support their systems by providing updated drivers throughout the warranty period (even the initial 1 year period).  I can save some people the time I wasted trying Win7 x64 drivers for my Dell Latitude D630. 

for the chipset software, I used the package downloaded from Intel.

For the intel wireless card, I used the driver downloaded from Intel.  (Thanks for supporting your stuff, Intel!)

Windows is using a generic driver for audio, but I expect a better one is available.   Some people have reported problems with the Dell provided Windows Vista driver audio-A09-R171788.exe so I didn't try it.

Windows Update did provide a basic bluetooth driver for the 360 module, but I also suspect a better one is out there.

Windows Update also provided a driver for the O2Micro smartcard reader.

Windows has built-in drivers for 1394 device, and the broadcom 57xx ethernet controller, and the O2Micro CardBus controller.

Fortunately Dell doesn't change the Latitude series very much, even from D-series to E-series.  Often drivers for the newer model will work on the older model.  I AM able to use the following E6400 Win7 64bit drivers on my D630:




CONEXANT_MULTI-DEVICE_A03_R237651 (modem diagnostic utility)

CONEXANT_D330-HDA-MDC-V-92-M_A01_R230790 (modem driver)

The following E6400 drivers DID NOT WORK and I would appreciate anyone (DELL!) who could point me to a working Win7 x64 driver for the D630 devices


idt-audio-win7-R226903 A15   and audio-e6400-R239286 A11

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