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2 Ques. 1) is this the right place for dell image assist questions and 2) why does DIA usb creator not recognize my usb drive volumes

I am attempting to install dell image assist (DIA) onto a 128GB usb drive. I would also like to copy my company's .WIMs onto the same usb drive.

image assist likes to install on a FAT32 formatted usb. the WIMs are over 10GB each and exceed the file size limit of FAT32.

i have partitioned the usb drive using win10 creators edition, built two volumes, one NTFS 82GB in size and one FAT32 32GB in size. Windows has assigned these logical drives F: and G:. Hence, use DIA to create a bootable DIA in drive G: and store my WIMs in drive F:.

The problem is DIA only see one logical drive F: that is 115 GB is size. How may I overcome this problem.

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